WUFA: Quarterly Journal English of Writers Union of Free Afghanistan, Volume 2, Number 2, April-June 1987


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Author: Prof. A. Rasul Amin
Edited By: Yusuf Dezhan Nuristani, M. Asef Ikram
Binding: Paperback, 94  Pages
Published Year: 1987
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-Refugee Camp Syndrome By: Dr. Mohammad Azam Dadfar.
2-Islam Reawakening in Central Aisa By: Shafaq Stanezai.
3-Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan By: Mohammad Asef Ikram.
4-Causes of Soviet Invasion By: Azmat Hayat Khan.
5-Islam As a Binding Force in Afghan Resistance By: Z. A. Mumtaz.
6-Afghan Folk Literature After Soviet Invasion By: M. I. Negargar.

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