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Books for Change

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Providing Affordable and Accessible Educational Material to Students All Around Afghanistan.

Dear valued customer,

We believe that post-secondary students should be able to learn from high-quality material, regardless of their geographic or economic status. Whether it’s donating educational material to campus libraries in Kandahar or selling an affordable used textbook to a student in Kabul University, our goal is to improve the educational landscape all around Afghanistan. We work collaboratively with campus and community partners to create this impact, book by book.

Through our “Books for Change” initiative in the last educational year, we gave USD 88,591 in free and discounted educational material to Afghan students. Majority of these funds were from 20% of our gross revenue generated through our local stores and online.

We are planning to raise that amount to USD 150,000 this year, but we will not be able to do this alone. So we are appealing to our customers.

This year 100% of all revenue generated from our sale of Postcards will also go towards our initiative.

Our postcards cost as low as 25 cents a piece and for an addition 2 USD you can have it stamped and sent to your or your loved ones’ addresses.

You will not only be receiving a beautiful postcard with original postage stamps from Afghanistan as a souvenir, but you will also be helping educate an entire generation.

To learn more about our initiatives, feel free to send us an email to [email protected]

Truly yours,

Shah Muhammad Rais
Managing Director
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