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  • Afghanistan, A Companion and Guide


    Thanks to 20 years of civil war and its association with terrorism, Afghanistan is now unjustly thought of in the…

  • An Historical Guide to Afghanistan


    A travel guide to the country with lots of historical and archaelogical information. Author: Nancy Hatch Dupree Publisher: Afghan Air…

  • Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan, Second Edition


    Covers important economic, social, and cultural topics as well as significant people, places, events, institutions, groups, and movements from the…

  • Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan: Asian Historical Dictionaries, No.5


    The Descriptive of Historical Dictionary with Complete Details Author: Ludwig W. Adamec Publisher: The Scarecrow Press- 1991 Edition ISBN: With No ISBN…

  • Lonely Planet Guide to Afghanistan


    Chapters on working and safety in Afghanistan, with advice from resident expats. Specialist contributors write on journalism, women, and trekking in…

  • The A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Asistance 2015


    The guide provide an extensive glossary of assistance terms, an overview of Afghanistan’s system of government, key primary documents, and…