A Brief Guide to Islam, History Faith and Politics the Complete Introduction


راهنمای مختصر اسلام، تاریخ ایمان و سیاست مقدمه کامل
Exploring the beliefs, history and politics of the ordinary people of Muslim countries, Grieve cuts through the complexities as he examines all aspects of Islam.

Author: Paul Grieve
ISBN: 9780786718047 – 0786718048
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 448
Published Year: 2006
Language: English

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He also addresses the big issues: can Islam support true democracy? Is true democracy what the West really wants for Muslim countries or are we merely seeking a cover of legitimacy for a policy of ‘might is right’?

Paul Grieve is an unbeliever – he is not a born-again Muslim, a proselytizer or a frustrated desert romantic. His aim is to inform. The result is an accessible but never simplistic guide that challenges
stereotypical views, from women and banking to war and Malcolm X.

Complete with advice for visitors to Muslim countries, and with carefully chosen primary sources, maps and illustrations, this is the ideal summary for the reader looking for an unbiased overview of the religious and political world issues that have become part of our everyday lives.

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