A Nation on Fire: Hinduism Under Siege


A Nation On Fire is about an assault on the culture, creed and credo of the oldest civilization in the world. Hinduism is under siege both from without and within. While the forces of neo secularism,minorityism, historical negationism, religious conversions, and a tyrannical media inflict an internal haemorrhage, its hostile neighbours and Islamic terror are bleeding it through a thousand cuts

Author: Brig B. N. Sharma Retd
ISBN: 9788170491828
Binding: Hardback, 408, Pages
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Despite its precious Vedic cultural roots, which have nourished and sustained it during its ten millennia old existence against adverse weather, the challenges today are daunting indeed. Hinduism and Bharat enfeebled by a civilizational tolerance and fatalism is strugglingagainst a monotheistic and indigestible Islamic sword of terror. While there is a need for internal cleansing, the external threat cannot be wished away. The inherent resilience of Hinduism, strengthened through a triple entente with America and Israel based on a coherence of strategic interests and civilization alimperatives should form a cordon sanitaire around the Pak-Afghanistan centric militant Islam with its world wide web of terror. The book deals with this subject in detail.

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