Aerospace Defence: A Holistic Appraisal


The book written by a former Navy Chief who has a reputation for independent thinking and as a visionary. These perceptions are rarely to be found in the Corporate media where the official strategic community enjoys a monopoly.

Author: Marshal A.K. Tiwary, Vsm
ISBN: 9788170492719- 8170492718
Binding: Hardback, 204, Pages
Published Year:

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The wide variety of subjects covered in this book, are of vital relevance to the future of our people; be it, intelligence, defence, China, Kashmir, depleted uranium, the imperialist thrust to capture and dominate oil and strategic materials, assymetry between the strategic goals and designs of those who are pursuing the ‘recolonisation project’ via the PNAC and NSSD 2002 doctrine of pre-emptive war i.e. perpetual war for perpetual peace under the subterfuge of ‘shared values’, war on terror and bringing democracy through ‘regime change’; and the well being of our 1.1 billion people, the integrity of the Indian nation. (Published in collaboration with United Services Institute USI, New Delhi)

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