Afghanistan: Dynamics of Survival


Preface List of Contributors Introduction A Brief Historical Survey of Afghanistan from its Inception to 2001 Afghanistan: The Anglo-Russian Rivalry The Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan: The Indian Response The Turmoil of Afghanistan: Role of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United States Post 9/11 US Intervention in Afghanistan: Some Legal and Political Questions Role of Global Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Afghanistan: Need for Synergetic Partnership for Comprehensive Development and Functioning Democracy Afghan Undercurrents in the Underbelly of Central Asia Context and Consequences of American Intervention in Afghanistan in the Post-9/11 Strategic Environment U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: The Challenges and Critical Dilemmas India, Russia and Afghanistan: The Strategic Stakes Musharrafs Afghan Mischief Appendix Appendix A Appendix B Bibliography Index.

Author: Jagmohan Mehar
ISBN: 9788178356402
: Paperback, 312 Pages
Published Year: 2008
Language: English

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