Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 2, 1969


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Author: Mohammad Kazem Ahang
Binding: Paperback, 102 Pages
Published Year: 1969
Language: English-French


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Read in This Issue:

1-Afghan and Afghanistan, By: Prof. A. H. Habibi, Khushal Habibi.
2-Afghanistan in the Ancient East, By: V. Masson, V. Sarianidy.
3-History of Former Kafiristan Part Four, Kafirs Cult of the Dead, By: A. R. Palwal.
4-Ushass, By: N. Torwayana, Nurullah Sahree.
5-The Mother of the Dari Language, By: Prof. A. H. Habibi, Mohammed Kazem Ahang.
6-Recent Excavation of Hadda Tapa-i-Shotur 1345-1347 (1966-1968) By: Dr. Shahibye Mustamandi, Mohammad Kazem Ahang.
7-The Background and the Beginning of the Afghan Press System, Part six the Pioneers, By: Mohammad Kazem Ahang.
8-De Delphes A L`oxus Inscriptions Goecques Nouvelles De la Bactriane, By: M. Louis Robert.
9- New Books.

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