Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 4, Mar 1973, Serial. 98


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Author: Mrs. Maliha F. Zafar, G. Nabi Kawah
Binding: Paperback, 104 Pages
Published Year: 1973
Language: English


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Read in This Issue:

1-The Jawanmards and the Ayyars, Historical Research about one of the Political and Social Movement in Pre-Islamic Khorasan By: Prof. A. H. Habibi, A. H. Wala.
2-Research on Variations of the Word (Munkberti) By: Dr. Husain Allyari, Maliha Fazal Zafar.
3-A Master Piece of Timurid Art, By: Mir Husain Shah.
4-The Gravestone of Gawhar Shad, By: Late Fikri Saljoqi, Maliha Fazal Zafar.
5-Some Notes on the Life works and Thoughts of Shaykh Saduddin Ahmad Ansari, By: Late Dr. Mir Nagumddin Ansari.
6-The Madrasah of Shah-i-Mashhad in Badgis, By: Bernt Glatzer.
7-An Historical Edict From Amir Shir Ali Khan, By: Nayer Herawe, Maliha Fazal Zafar.
8-A Further Note on the Tarikh-i-Sistan Manuscripts, By: Dz. Giuna Shvili.
9-Prospection Archeologique A Tash Qurghan, By: Philippe Gouin.
10-On Ay Khanom, By: Ghulam Sarwar Humayun.

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