Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 1, Jun 1973, Serial. 99


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Author: Mrs. Maliha F. Zafar, G. Nabi Kave
Binding: Paperback, 112 Pages
Published Year: 1973
Language: English-French




Read in This Issue:

1-Les Mortiers et Pilons Inscrits de Persepolis, By: Paul Bernard.
2-The Fullol Hoard: A New Find from Bronze-Age Afghanistan, By: Maurizio Tosi, Rauf Wardak.
3-The Ayars The Sergeons and the Orthopedic Surgeons of Khorasan at the end of the Ninth Century of Hejira, By: Prof. Abdul Ghafour Brechna (Breshna).
4-History from Coins, Dr. Walton Dobbins.
5-A Letter to the Caliph, By: Abdur Rahman Pazhwak, Soraya Ludin Maroofi.
6-Preliminary Report of the Sixth and Seventh Excavation Expeditions in Tapa-Shutur Hadda, By: Dr. Ch. Moustamindy, Mehria Moustamindy.
7-The 1000th Birth Anniversary of Allameh Abu Raihan Al-Beruni, By: Prof. Abdul Hayy Habibi.
8-The Falaks of the Mountains, By: Enayatullah Shahrani, A. H. Wala.
9-Al-Beruni`s Mathematics and Astronomy, By: Dr. Mohmmad Anas.
10-Afghanistan and India Historical Ties, By: Dr. Abdul Hakim Tabibi.
11-Aux Sources de l`Afghanistan Moderne: l`oeuvre interieure de l`emir Abdur Rahman Khan 1880-1901, By: Gilles Antoine.
12-New Books.
14-Afghanistan Journal Subject Index Vol. XXV.

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