Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 2, Sep 1973


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Author: Mrs. Maliha F. Zafar
Binding: Paperback, 100 Pages
Published Year: 1973
Language: English-French


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Read in This Issue:

1-Proclamation of Republic.
2-Astronomical Works of Al-Beruni, By: Dr. Tadeusz Jarzebowski.
3-Les Vases D`Abondance De La Grotte I De Bamyan, By: Dr. Zemaryalai Tarzi.
4-Inscribed Clay Tablets and Miniature Stupas from Ghazni, By: Maurizio Taddei.
5-Fouilles d` Ai Khanoum, By: M. Paul Bernard.
6-Share Ghulghula (The City of Screems) of Tar-o-Sar, By: Ghulam Rahman Amiri.
7-Al-Beruni and the Decline of Science and Technology in Medieval Islam, and his Contributions to Geography, with special reference to India, By: Prof. S. Maqbul Ahmad.
8-New Book

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