Aryana: Afghanistan Republic, Spring 1976


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Author: Azam Rahnaward Zaryab
Binding: Paperback, 26  Pages
Published Year: 1976
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-Constitution Drafted Submitted for Study to Larger Commission.
2-Kabul Welcomes Podgorny.
3-President Nikolai Podgorny Delivering his Speech.
4-Joint Communique.
5-Turkish Foreign Minister Visits Afghanistan.
6-Special Envoys in Afghanistan.
7-Seminar on Daqiqi Balkh.
8- Daqiqi Balkh a Pioneer of Dari Literature.
9-238 Projects Underway During first year of Seven Year Plan.
10-Guest Scholars.
11-Main Building of the Government Printing House, All Main Papers of Afghanistan are Printed in this Place, Anis, Heywad, The Kabul Times.
12-Al-Khanom, Al-Khanom It Could Be Alexandria on the oxus .
13-Artists of Future, A Capital Called Kabul.
14-Facts Kabul University.

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