Aryana: Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, September, 1978


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Author: Najib Rahiq
Binding: Paperback, 30 Pages
Published Year: 1978
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-Regaining of Independence by Our People Has High Place in World.
2-Great Leader Reports People On Government Performance.
3-Taraki Opens Afghanistan TV Station.
4-Television in Afghanistan.
5-Comrade Taraki, Gen. Zia-Ul-haq hold Talks in Friendly Atmosphere.
6- Taraki Receives Vajpayee for Courtesy Meet, Vajpayee Arrives Here on Official, Friendly Visit.
7-Afghan Indian Delegations Hold Official Talk Vajpayee Honored at Reception.
8- Vajpayee Leaves Kabul After Official Visit.
9- Comrade Amin Afghanistan`s Active Role Appreciated at Belgrade.
10-Babrak Karmal is the Most Decietful Impostor.
11-Great Leader Reports People On Government Performance.
12-Establishment of Labour Unions in Afghanistan.
13-Appendix, No.1 Decree, No. 6.
14-From Independence to Despotism.
15-Here is a Monthly Magazine.

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