Balochistan, the British and the Great Game, The Struggle for the Bolan Pass, Gateway to India


The Great Game for Central Asia led to British involvement in Balochistan, a sparsely-populated area in Pakistan, mostly desert and mountain, and containing the Bolan Pass, the southern counter- part of the more famous Khyber. It occupies a position of great strategic importance between
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and the Arabian Sea.

Author: T. A. Heathcote
ISBN: 9781849044790
Binding: Hardback, 304, Pages
Published Year: 2015
Language: English




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Heathcote’s book is a history of the Khanate of Kalat and of British operations against the Baloch hill tribes who raided frontier settlements and the Bolan caravans. Its themes include rivalry between British officials in Sind and the Punjab, high profile disputes between British politicians over
frontier policy and organization, and the British occupation of Quetta, guardian city of the Bolan, in the run-up to the Second Afghan War. Among the many strong characters in this story is Sir Robert Sandeman, hitherto hailed as “the peaceful conqueror of Balochistan,” now revealed as a ruthless
careerist, whose personal ambitions led to the fragmentation of the country under British domination. The closing chapter summarizes subsequent events up to modern times, in which the Baloch have maintained a long-running struggle for greater autonomy within Pakistan.

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