India the Beautiful


Kuldip Nayar writes in his Foreword, ‘It is more than history. It is a saga of those who have ruled and those who have defied. India is a land of struggle and sacrifice, of suffering and subjugation, where people have sustained their identity, their being, against all odds for centuries. Raiders came and retreated. Empires expanded and receded. Dynasties rose and retracted. India was conquered and re-conquered, destroyed
and disfigured. But it has remained beautiful’.

Author: Anthony Osmond Evans
Foreword By: Kuldip Nayar
ISBN: 9781904668480
Binding: Hardback, 200, Pages
Published Year:

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Anthony Osmond-Evans has captured the mood of this endeavor and the determination of the people to achieve it in this stunning photographic extravaganza. The distinctive feature in this book is the perception of how time comes to a stop in India and how monuments and people span the distance of ages to give the same message of cultural unity and solid defiance.

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