Kandahar Tour, The Turning Point in Canada`s Afghan Mission


“Our Mission was the people of Kandahar and keeping the Taliban from interfering with rebuilding. When we did use force, we had to be discriminate Killing innocent civilians would be mission failure. I had the A-Team ad could not make it work with lesser men and women.” – Lieutenant-Colonel rob Walker, Commanding Officer, 2RCR Battlegroup

“Our job is to create a functional government that earns the respect of its population.

Author: Lee Windsor, David Charters, Brent Wilson
ISBN: 9783319971711
Binding: Hardback
Published Year: 2008
Pages: 290
Language: English



The people of Kandahar are not asking for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They want Canada’s peace, order, and good government. We’re getting there. But it takes time, Thankfully Afghans are more patient than people back home.” – Gavin Buchan, Director, Foreign Affairs, Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team, 2006-07

“My soliders got to know every inch of Zharey District and its people. It was our back-yard. We knew it better than the Taliban, especially the foreign fighters. People learned to trust us and started staying in their homes while we rant he enemy out of town.” – Major David Quick, India Company

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