Khadijah Al-Kubra, The Great Lady and the first Wife of the Holy Prophet, a Short Story of her Life


خدیجه الکبری

Author: Syed A. A. Razwy
ISBN: 9789642191529
Binding: Paperback, 200, Pages  
Published Year:

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Hazrat Khadijah Al-Kubra, the great lady and the first wife of the holy prophet Muhammad, was the first to have accepted Islam. In the earliest years of Islamic revelation she helped the prophet in all possible ways, specially by encouraging him and by spending her entire wealth for the sake of Allah, His messenger and His religion. In this precious book the author has put together all the materials relating to her life that are scattered in numerous sources. It also refutes the fabricated stories about her blessed life. The book should be read by all Muslims,specially by all Muslim women.

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