Kitab Al-Jamahir Fi Marifat Al-Jawahir (The Book Most Comprehensive in Knowledge on Precious Stones, Al-Beruni’s Book on Mineralogy)


Abu Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni is well known for his studies Astronomy, Physics, Pharmacy, Cosmology and Geography. His Book Kitab Al-Jamahir fi Marifat Al-Jawahir has been regarded as an Outstanding Contribution in the field of Geology in relation to precious stones. Indeed in all these fields he has made a Contribution of highest value and significance. His approach marks an establishment of modern scientific methods.

کتاب الجماهر فی معرفة الجواهر

Author: Abu Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni
Edited By:
Hakim Mohammad Said
Binding: Hardback, 416, Pages
Published Year:

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He Collects, Scrutinizes and evaluates almost all the known information precisely quoted from authors preceding to him from the ancient Greeks to Contemporaries. Furthermore he verifies the known facts by his personal incisive observations.

His interpretations are based on objective, critical and integrated thinking. Thus he stands out as a modern Scientist one thought living thousand years ago.

Contents of the Kitab Al-Jamahir fi Marifat Al-Jawahir indicate that Al-Biruni Combines in himself a scientist of widest interest and Comprehensive Knowledge. Probably Seyyed Hossein Nasr 1964 in his book An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines referred for the first time in recent years to his understanding of organic evolution in the English Language. This has initiated interest in further Studies of Al-Biruni`s Contribution to Biological Sciences.

Kitab Al-Jamahir fi Marifat Al-Jawahir is not simply a scientific, descriptive and a Literary book on Pearls and Precious stones. It is for more than this. It covers a range of subjects from Geology to Cosmology, Including Biology, Human Psychology, Sociology and Medicine.

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