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Third Edition, post 8vo, cloth, pp. xvi. 428, price i6s. ESSAYS ON THE SACRED LANGUAGE, WRITINGS, AND RELIGION OF THE PARSIS. By martin HAUG, Ph.D., Ltite of the Universities of Tiibingen, Gottingen, and Bonn ;S uperintendent of Sanskrit Studies, and Professor of Sanskrit in the Poona College. Edited and Enlarged by Dr. E. W. WEST. To which is added a Biograjjhical Memoir of the late Dr. Haug by Prof. E. P. Evans. I. History of the Researches into the Sacred Writings and Religion of the Parsis, from the Earliest Times down to the Present. II. Languages of the Parsi Scriptures. III.

Author: William Wilson Hunter
ISBN: 8120615816
Binding: Hardback, 782, Pages
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The Zend-A vesta, or the Scripture of the Parsis. IV, The Zoroastrian Religion, as to its Origin and Development. Essays on the Sacred Language, Writings, and Religion of the Parsis, by the late Dr. Martin Haug, edited by Dr. E. W. West. The author intended, on his return from I ndia, to expand the materials contained in this work into a comprehensive account of the Zoroastrian religion, but the design vfas frustrated by his untimely death. We have, howevei ,in a concise and readable form, a history of the researclies into the sacred writings and relitrion of the Parsis from the earliest times dwn to the jiresent a dissertation outhe languages of tle Parsi Scriptures, a ti anslation of the Zend-A vesta, or the Scripture of the Parsis, and a dissertation on the Zoroastrian religion, with especial reference to its origin and development. Times. Post Svo, cloth, pp. viii. 176, price 7s. 6d. TEXTS FROM THE BUDDHIST CANON COMMONLY KNOWN AS DHAMMAPADA. With Accompanying Narratives. Translated from the Chinese by S. BEAL, B.A., Professor of Chinese, University College, London. The Dhammapada, as hitherto known by the Pali Text Edition, as edited by Fausboll, by Max Miiller s English, and Albrecht Weber s German translations, consists only of twenty-six chapters or sections, whilst the Ch
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