The Psalms of Islam, With Translation and Transliteration Al-Sahifah Al-Kamilah Al-Sajjadiyyah


Translation and transliteration from Arabic into English with an Introduction and Annotation by William C. Chittick Al-Sahifat al-Sajjadiyya is the oldest manual of supplications in Islamic sources, and one of the seminal works of Islamic spirituality.

Author: Imam Ali Ibnul Husayn Zaynul Aabideen As-Sajjad

Translated By- William C. Chittick

Foreword By- S. H. M. Jafri
ISBN: 9789644381560
Binding: Hardback – 546 Pages
Published Year: 2008
Language: English


This annotated translation is here accompanied by a translation of another work attributed to Zayn al-Abidin, The Treatise on Rights. Together, the texts contribute significantly to the understanding of Islamic spirituality and the Muslim’s standing in relation to God and the community, not only in the early period, but, given the widespread use of the Sahifa as a devotional guide, up to the present day. Only a family member of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can write a book like this. Written by Imam Ali Zain-ul-Abedeen (AS), grandson of Imam Ali (AS) is book of prayers and sublimations but could be easily regarded the best book of principles and values of Islam and in fact the humanity. It is bound to bring tears in reader’s eyes while appreciating the richness and command of the language. What is Sahifa al-Kamilah? The chain of narrators through whom the Sahifa has been preserved and handed down. 54 supplications that make up the Sahifa of Imam Ali b. al-Husayn, peace be upon him. 7 additional supplications that are appended to some copies of the Sahifa. A prayer for each day of the week. 15 beautiful whispered prayers by Imam Ali ibn al-Husayn, peace be upon him. Well known as “Risalat al-Huquq”. Read about the rights of God, yourself and others!

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