Travels in Afghanistan, The Adventures of a 1930s Mounted Explorer


It was 1937 and few places on Earth were more remote than Afghanistan. Into this hermit kingdom went Ernest Fox. Technically searching for oil and gemstones for the Afghan king, the American engineer discovered a countryside unchanged since the days of Marco Polo.

Author: Ernest Fox
ISBN: 1590480341- 9781590480342
Binding: Hardback, 310, Pages
Published Year: 1942
Language: English

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For a year Fox rode a series of local horses through the mountains, valleys, and deserts of this forbidden realm, visiting such fabled places as the medieval city of Herat, the towering Hindu Kush mountains, and the legendary Khyber Pass. The equestrian engineer thus spent an exciting time on his sojourn, exploring a country which had been a highway for history since the days of Alexander the Great. “Travels in Afghanistan” was compiled from the field notes, maps and sketches Fox brought back from his 2,000 mile horse back adventure. A lively and adventure-filled book, it provides a geographical and historical sketch of Afghanistan, her various people, and a way of life that was destroyed in the late twentieth century. Amply illustrated, it remains a timeless classic.

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