Two Sons in a War Zone, Afghanistan The True Story of a Father’s Conflict


When soldiers go to war, what do their families and friends experience? There is huge public support for the military, who risk their lives in faraway war zones, but do we really have any idea what their ‘nearest and dearest’ go through while the troops are away?

Author:Stephen Wynn
ISBN: 9781905570249
Binding: Paperback, 176 Pages
Published Year: 2010
Language: English



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This book started as the diary of a year in the life of Stephen Wynn, a police officer who happens to have two sons in the military. It was his mechanism for coping with the passion, distress, and rage he felt while his sons Luke and Ross were on active service in Afghanistan. Two Sons in a War Zone is his compelling true story, illustrating the raw inner conflict between one man’s pride for his sons and their chosen profession, and his natural fears for their safety. In vivid, everyday language, he describes the intense experiences―the joys and sorrows―of being a “loved one” at home while his sons battle a deadly foe in gruelling and treacherous conditions.

Stephen describes his son’s personal stories―why they joined the military and how they relate to the work―and quotes from personal letters and documents. Both sons were injured during their first tour of duty―one narrowly escaping serious harm from a bullet wound. Thankfully, they return home safely.

No one reading this book will doubt the sacrifices of soldiers who go to war or the anguish their loved ones experience at home.

“I promised myself that I would not hide my feelings from anyone. I would not be wilfully ignorant of the risks my sons were facing out there. Though they were men, to me they were still boys, and they would be facing boys like themselves; boys, and men younger than me, who would shoot at them. Knowing this, how would I get through a single day? Would I have to bottle up how I felt? No, I’d be open, and honest.”

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